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Hunger Hero: Mary

Hunger Hero: Mary

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

One in six people in Los Angeles County are struggling with food insecurity.  Faced with such a huge issue, everyone’s contributions are valued. But sometimes, one person can contribute not only their own efforts, but inspire others to get involved as well.  These are our Hunger Heroes!

Mary Connors has been volunteering at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank since August, 2009. She comes every second and third Saturday of the month, but her service can’t be defined by the six hours she spends at the Food Bank every month. Mary’s dedication has led to a work proficiency that seriously impacts the productivity of everyone who works with her.


Mary Volunteered at our Bruce Springsteen concert fundraiser. That was a seven hour shift!

“I had finished remodeling my home and I wanted to find something else productive to do with  my time,” she says. So Mary took her mission to the internet and tried to find somewhere to donate her time. “There are so many homeless and hungry and there just shouldn’t be in this country.”


She stumbled upon LA Works and through that program she found the Food Bank. Now she’s a project leader who has been volunteering for the Food Bank for longer than many of its warehouse staff. “Sometimes the coordinators fight over me to be on their team because I’ve been doing this so long and I know what I’m doing, “ she says, beaming. “They’ve become like family to me.”


Originally from New Jersey, Mary has been living in California for 36 years. She works as a test engineer in Torrance and spends much of her free time trying to serve others. “I get complete joy when I’m able to help someone,” she says. “That’s what helps me relax. And it doesn’t take a lot of effort. Everyone has time to give, even if they can’t give money. Just three hours at the Food Bank impacts thousands of people in our community.”


Mary says her mother has been her inspiration. As one of six girls in the family Mary got to witness her mother’s nurturing spirit not only in how she raised her own kids but in how she treated all of the other kids in the neighborhood. “She would always make sure they had food. Some of them would even call her mom. She had such a giving spirit.”


Mary coordinates other volunteers, she shares expertise, she serves as a resource to warehouse staff and she does it with sincere joy.


Mary, you inspire us, and others with your dedication. Thank you for helping our team with this very important mission.

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