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Hunger Among Seniors

Hunger Among Seniors

As prices on everyday essentials continue to rise, seniors are at higher risk of struggling with food insecurity

For over 50 years, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank has worked tirelessly to provide nutritious food throughout LA County. Hundreds of thousands of individuals from all walks of life seek food assistance from the Food Bank and its partner agencies each month, seeking food to help ease their household budget as prices continue to soar in everyday essentials.

Seniors are among the most vulnerable populations to struggle with food insecurity. The rising costs of food, rent, utilities and everyday necessities are making it difficult for seniors to survive on a fixed income. Many opt to skip meals or perhaps medications to make it through the month. 

Senior Hunger is a Problem

Experts shared that older adults who faced food insecurity experienced quicker cognitive declines compared to their food-secure counterparts, as reported by the American Society for Nutrition (ASN). Food-insecure older adults are more likely to struggle with malnutrition, depression and physical functioning impediments.

Without proper nutrition, more senior adults risk increased disability, decreased resistance to infections, weakened immune systems and declined mental health. Older adults must maintain a nutritious diet, as doctors often prescribe medicine, assuming that patients reach a healthy caloric intake threshold.

The Food Bank is Here To Help

The Food Bank offers programs for seniors. These programs help them save money so they do not have to choose between paying rent, utility bills, buying medication or purchasing food, and combating poor health conditions. Programs like the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) serve tens of thousands of seniors each month.


CSFP focuses on enhancing the health and nutritional status of individuals aged 60 and above. By providing a monthly package of approximately 30 pounds of nutritious, shelf-stable staples, CSFP aims to supplement participants’ diets with essential food items such as milk, meat, beans, grains, and canned fruits and vegetables.

Programs, like the CSFP program, are difficult to operate without the community’s support. If you are in a position to do so, consider supporting the Food Bank where 96% of donations go directly to supporting programs. 

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