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How the LA Regional Food Bank Reinvests 96% of All Contributions into the Community

How the LA Regional Food Bank Reinvests 96% of All Contributions into the Community

Los Angeles’ largest food bank is a highly rated nonprofit organization and is one of the most efficient charities in Los Angeles County.

Generally speaking, any large nonprofit organization with an efficiency rating of more than 80% is considered a great nonprofit. When considering donating to a nonprofit organization, many correctly turn to websites like Candid and Charity Navigator to find out if an organization is highly respected and rated. The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank is among the highest-rated, with a 96% efficiency rating.

While volunteer support is essential, large nonprofits like the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank cannot survive on volunteer support alone and require full-time staff members in various areas. For the Food Bank, that includes licensed truck drivers, forklift operators, accountants, technology teams and other positions that allow the Food Bank to reach far more people than without these staff members.

As of December 2023, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank serves around 900,000 individuals throughout Los Angeles County, providing food assistance to nearly one-tenth of the County’s population.

Food Donations Make a Difference

When Tony Collier started the Food Bank bank in 1973, he worked with a variety of donors to get access to their surplus food. Fifty years later, the Food Bank continues working with growers, wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and others to get perfectly good food donated to the Food Bank and then distributed to individuals and families throughout Los Angeles County. This collaborative effort ensures a steady influx of nutritious items, enabling the Food Bank to maximize its impact on the community.

In recent years, the value of the food and products distributed by the Food Bank has exceeded $200 million annually, and roughly 110 million pounds of food and products are distributed each year to partner agencies and directly to children, older adults, families and individuals throughout the County.

The Power of Food Bank Volunteers

A key part of the LA Regional Food Bank’s operations is the incredible power of community volunteers. Tens of thousands of dedicated individuals donate their time and energy to sort, glean, pack, and distribute food, allowing the organization to maintain a lean operational structure. This volunteer model reduces labor costs and fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose within the community.

Cash Donations Go a Long Way

Cash donations play a pivotal role in sustaining the operations and impact of the Food Bank. Financial contributions allow the organization to allocate resources where they are most urgently needed. These funds enable the Food Bank to glean, store and transport donated food, multiplying that product’s value. Monetary donations allow the Food Bank to purchase essential items in bulk, taking advantage of discounts. Finally, cash donations empower the organization to adapt to evolving needs, invest in innovative programs and maintain the infrastructure required for effective food distribution.

Food donations, donating time in the form of volunteerism and donating cash are all important ways to support food banks like the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

As a highly efficient nonprofit organization, the Food Bank relies on the generosity of the community to continue our essential work. Please donate now, or sign up for our eNewsletter to see and share the impact of the work of the Food Bank.

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