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How a Food Box Can Make a Difference

How a Food Box Can Make a Difference

For some, a food box can supplement their trip to the grocery store. While for others, a food box is the only food they can secure

For some, receiving a food box directly from the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank or one of its partner agencies means that it’ll supplement the food they get at the grocery store, while for others, it means they’ve secured a way to put food on the table that day and the next.

With inflation hitting historic records and the cost of food hitting a 30-year high, households are struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table. Families with multiple incomes need help keeping up with the high cost of living in Los Angeles.

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Turning to the Food Bank’s food distributions has become a safe haven for individuals and families struggling with food insecurity. Not only does it mean they’ll have food on the table, but they’ll also have access to nutritious food for a better tomorrow.

What’s in a Food Box?

Contrary to popular belief, the Food Bank does not just distribute canned goods at distributions. 97% of the food distributed by the Food Bank is considered nutritious. Food recipients can typically expect fresh fruits and vegetables gleaned, sorted and packed at one of the Food Bank’s warehouses, as well as shelf-stable items like rice, legumes, and canned goods. Also included at some distributions are dairy products, eggs, and a pack of protein that may include chicken, beef, pork or shrimp. Depending on the family size, the items distributed can last about one to two weeks.

The Food Bank also distributes other non-food household items like cleaning supplies, napkins, and laundry detergent, among other items. Additionally, the Food Bank works with its partner agencies to distribute menstrual hygiene products, diapers and baby wipes throughout Los Angeles County.

A Food Box is a Miracle Box

One of the hundreds of thousands of families that seek food assistance from the Food Bank and one of its partner agencies includes retiree and cancer survivor Felipe Murillo and his wife and caretaker, Clara. After Felipe endured eight surgeries, he is now fortunately cancer-free and especially mindful of healthy lifestyle choices. Nourishing food is the cornerstone of well-being, supporting physical health, mental clarity and overall vitality for all individuals and families, particularly older food-insecure adults.

“From vegetables to salads, protein; everything is provided here,” Felipe said. “These people work very hard so that we’re okay. When I say everyone, I mean the entire community. The food we get here helps us a lot because the majority of protein we consume comes from here. So when we go to the supermarket, we just buy what’s needed. The food quality is great, and we have a healthier life because we don’t have to worry much because we have saved money to pay for rent, electricity, gas, gasoline, car bill, car insurance.”

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The Food Bank continues to fulfill its mission of mobilizing resources to alleviate hunger in our communities. If you would like to be part of this mission, consider donating to the Food Bank and making a difference.

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