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Helping Hands – The PazNaz Food Pantry Makes a Difference in the Community

Helping Hands – The PazNaz Food Pantry Makes a Difference in the Community

With roots in the Pasadena area, the First Church of the Nazarene’s food pantry goes above and beyond for its neighbors

In the heart of Pasadena, the First Church of the Nazarene, also known as PazNaz, hosts a weekly distribution that marks a difference in its community. Working alongside the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, PazNaz’s impact is incredible, reaching more than 570 families each week.

Every individual who visits the PazNaz distribution is met with kindness and dignity, as families of all shapes and sizes continue to struggle to make ends meet in LA County.

Vivian Transforms Lives at Every Food Distribution

At PazNaz, the Food Bank met Vivian, a veteran volunteer whose dedication has touched countless lives. Her journey as a volunteer began at the onset of the pandemic, driven by a deep desire to serve her community. Despite grappling with her own health challenges, including a battle with breast cancer, Vivian has only missed two distributions. Supported by her husband, who ensured she took breaks and brought her a chair during her treatments, Vivian epitomizes the spirit of resilience and compassion that characterizes the PazNaz food distribution effort.

Rohan, a Caregiver, Goes to a Food Pantry That Cares for Him and His Family

Times were tough before the pandemic, but the catastrophic event changed the lives of millions. Rohan is a caregiver by trade. When his patient passed away during the pandemic, Rohan lost his job, the income that would help care for the 11 people in his household.

Since then, Rohan has been working odd jobs here and there to pay the mortgage, but attending the food distribution at PazNaz has been a lifesaver for Rohan and his family. There, he receives nutritious food that he would not be able to afford at the grocery store otherwise.

“Normally, I go to the stores, and I go to the clearance section,” he said. “Most of it is damaged but here, they give a really good product.”

Hunger Can Happen to Anyone

PazNaz volunteer Sharon knows a thing or two about food insecurity and hunger. Growing up, as the eldest of six, she saw how her parents struggled to put food on the table; eating meat was a once-a-week celebration. However, Sharon persevered and had a successful career in education; now, as a retiree, she wants to give back to her community. What better way than to help our neighbors, knowing that hunger can happen to anyone.

“We all have circumstances. I could be standing in this line tomorrow. You never know,” Sharon said. “We’re just happy, happy to serve you.”

Consider supporting your neighbors. Supporting the Food Bank helps feed hundreds of thousands of individuals each month. Start donating today.

Join the fight against hunger!

If you are in a position to do so, consider donating to the Food Bank and supporting our programs.

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