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Farmer John Donates 700,000 Servings, and Lunch for Food Bank Essential Workers

Farmer John Donates 700,000 Servings, and Lunch for Food Bank Essential Workers


On Tuesday, August 25, 2020, Farmer John donated 4 truckloads of much-needed protein to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to support the massive outreach to those in Los Angeles County struggling with food insecurity. This donation will help the Food Bank provide for the 900,000 people served each month, triple the amount reached per month before the pandemic.


“Protein is one of the food items most requested by our food recipients and Partner Agency Network,” said Roger Castle, Chief Development Officer of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. “This donation is going to make a big difference in the lives of the people that we serve.”

In addition, Farmer John provided a free lunch to Food Bank staff and volunteers as a “thank you” to the frontline workers. LAFC broadcaster Max Bretos joined Farmer John to provide the delicious hot dog lunch as a small token of appreciation. The Food Bank team has been working non-stop since the outbreak of COVID-19.

Warehouse employees like forklift drivers and inventory control specialists need to report to the Food Bank each day, which is open six days per week. Volunteers continue to safely glean and package food in compliance with health safety recommendations. Other volunteers and staff members distribute food at drive-thru distributions, which take place in different neighborhoods throughout LA County each week. Between mid-March and the end of August, the Food Bank has provided more than 100 emergency drive-thru food distributions, and the regular work of the Food Bank continues as well. Partnering with 600 Partner Agencies throughout the County, food is delivered to those in need.

This activity was part of the Farmer John “Thank You Tour”, which kicked off in June and has made three to four stops a week, delivering grab-and-go lunches to essential businesses.

The Food Bank’s food donations are up 115%, but outgoing food is up roughly 125%, leaving a gap that needs to be filled. The Food Bank is filling the gap between food supply and demand by purchasing truckloads of food items at wholesale prices. The Food Bank’s work is made possible by the community’s generosity. If you are in a position to provide a financial gift to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, please do so today.

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