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Client Story: Debora

Client Story: Debora

Debora receives groceries at My Friends House, one of the LA Regional Food Bank’s partner agencies, in Los Angeles.

“I tell people that coming here will change their whole world. It changed mine.”

My name is Debora and I am 59 years wise. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Right now I live with my son in a single apartment. He works, but it is still difficult to make ends meet.

I visit the food pantry on 59th Place and I love it. It’s amazing to come here. They accept everyone, even people who are homeless and hungry. I am here because I am on a fixed income. I tell people that coming here will change their whole world. It changed mine.

There were times I did not know where my next meal was coming from.

I struggled, the struggle was real. Being hungry is not a good feeling. It depresses you, it stresses you out. It just takes you to a whole different level. It makes my head hurt. My rent is the biggest bill I am concerned about. The cost of living is very high, even the food. Thanks to the Food Bank, we don’t have to worry about that part anymore.

Ever since I started coming here, I have not been stressed out about food.

I’ve been coming here for three years and it’s been helping me a lot. The food I receive here helps me save at least $300 per month, which helps me pay other bills. The food is really good. You get your protein, you get your fiber, you get your grains, you get everything. I receive meat, vegetables, starches, beans, canned goods, milk, butter, sugar, bread—everything that the grocery store has. I also receive cleaning, household and personal hygiene items here. It’s amazing for them to share this with the community.

It’s like a family here.

The people here are awesome and they treat me so nice. It’s made me humble. The people here are so inspirational. Now I am happier and my life has changed. I love coming here and telling other people. I want people to know what coming here will change your life. Just try it. Come and get help.

Thank you very much for making time to help the community and thank you for making sure that we can eat and that we are not hungry anymore.

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank works with a network of more than 600 charitable partner agencies throughout LA County. We recently visited My Friends House in Los Angeles and interviewed neighbors who were receiving groceries at their weekly distribution. Debora shared this story with us.

Our vision is that no one goes hungry in Los Angeles County.

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