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Handwritten Notes Describe the Impact of Hunger Relief

Handwritten Notes Describe the Impact of Hunger Relief

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank has been providing food to the Interfaith Food Center (IFC) since 1984. Through IFC, the Food Bank has provided enough food for nearly 6 million meals to the Santa Fe Springs community. In addition to food assistance, IFC also offers career training, educational workshops and other services.

These are testimonials from actual clients:

“Life is Expensive”

Life is expensive

Life is expensive and I knew when I decided to quit my job and enroll in college full-time, life would get harder. The groceries have helped sustain my family throughout my educational process. I am a single mother of three whose husband was deported. In order to provide a better life for my family, I had to make sacrifices which included living at poverty level. In one year I will have a masters degree and will be a source of support for my people and as a social worker for those in my community.

“5 Years Ago I was Homeless”

I was homeless 5 years ago

5 years ago I was homeless on the streets of Whittier. Every day I wondered what I would eat or (where I would) sleep. But thanks to (food assistance), I had food daily and in time was able to pick myself back up. 

“It Provides Where our Budget Can’t”

Provide where our budget can not

IFC to me means warm healthy meals for my family. It means moments of conversation over our home cooked meals. It means knowing my whole family comes home to a warm meal. It means comfort.

“The food we receive is delicious and enough for my entire family”

Good bless you all

We have a very low income and spend most the money on gas, house products and rent, so we have very little money to spend on food. But ever since we found out about this place, our lives have transformed in many ways. The food we receive is delicious and enough for my entire family. My children do not complain anymore that there isn’t food in the house. And every time I get home, I know exactly what to cook because I already have the ingredients and supplies inside the refrigerator.

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