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Word International – A Food Pantry Serving the Community with Dignity and Respect

Word International – A Food Pantry Serving the Community with Dignity and Respect

The Food Bank’s partner agency in Eagle Rock serves 400 individuals each month.

For someone who has never required or asked for food assistance, the first time doing so may be nerve-wracking. The uncertainty of the unknown, the lack of knowledge of how distributions operate, but most of all, the feeling of guilt or humiliation becomes overwhelming. 

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and its partner agencies understand that. For the past 50 years, individuals and families from all walks of life and throughout LA County have sought food assistance from the Food Bank. Whether it is someone’s first time or 10th time supplementing their grocery budget or ensuring they have food in their pantry, all neighbors are met with the dignity, compassion and respect they deserve. 

Meeting the Needs of Our Neighbors With Dignity

Led by Pastor Roberto, Word International in Eagle Rock has been serving its community since 2018. What started as a small operation to serve its immediate community turned into something bigger for the greater good of multiple communities. 

At the time of the Food Bank’s visit to Word International’s food distribution, this partner agency was serving 400 families each week and has seen a slow increase each month. Regardless of the ‘why,’ Pastor Roberto and his volunteer team of 20 meet every food recipient with the dignity and respect they deserve.

“The impact is huge, and it’s a really big help for our community,” said Pastor Roberto. 

“People have been very thankful for what we have been doing for them and for our community as a whole,” he added.

Job Loss Pushes Families to Seek Food Assistance

The Food Bank met Fabiola at Word International. Fabiola had been going for the last three months. At first, she said, she was hesitant to go. She had never asked for government assistance, let alone food assistance. She and her partner had steady jobs, but then suddenly, she didn’t. 

The loss of income hit her family of five hard. With the growing cost of food and other living expenses, she had no choice but to seek food assistance.

“If it weren’t for the help we receive here, we wouldn’t make it through the month,” Fabiola said.

In times like these, our neighbors need our support. Consider donating to the Food Bank and positively impacting your community.

Join the fight against hunger!

If you are in a position to do so, consider donating to the Food Bank and supporting our programs.

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