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Faces of the Food Bank: Danilo



When our driver Danilo Sereño, 66, started working at the Food Bank January 13, 1987, he was one of only 22 employees. “There was only one pallet jack and only two trucks,” he remembers.

Many things have changed since then, including the address of the Food Bank itself. But for 29 years, Danilo has been coming to work and carrying out our mission to fight hunger all throughout L.A. County.

“I love my job,” he says. “This place like a second home. These people are my second family. I love working with people who understand one another. People treat me so well.”

Danilo first found the Food Bank as a volunteer. When an opportunity opened up to work in the warehouse he took it. Soon after that he became a driver and has been one ever since. “I enjoy driving, I enjoy helping people and I enjoy communicating with people,” he says.

Being in constant contact with people in need has had a profound impact on Danilo. “Working here has made me humble,” he says. “Seeing the needs of the people helps me to appreciate all that I have even more. I have learned how to treat people better. Many are struggling. I meet sad people, mad people, people who are stressed, people who are upset. I have learned that just  listening and understanding helps people calm down and have a better day.”


Danilo has a six children and has been married for 40 years. They have one five-year-old granddaughter who spends a lot of time with them. “She is our little motor,” he says. “She keeps us going. No matter how tired I am after work, when she asks me to play, we play. She rejuvenates us,” he says with a sweet expression unique of a grandfather who seems to have more love than he knows what to do with. Danilo’s favorite pastime is fishing. “If I could, I would buy a boat and fish on the ocean all day.”

His advice for a long, happy career is simple. “Do a job you love and treat everyone with kindness, just as though they were your family. Just like in a family there will sometimes be arguments and disagreements,” he says. “But when you all care about the same thing and you all care about each other, it works.”standing

When Danilo turned 65, the Food Bank threw him a surprise party. Danio gets emotional just thinking about it. “I have never seen such a celebration in all my years at the Food Bank,” he says. “When I saw what they had done, my heart cried.” The team had organized a barbecue, brought  cake, hung a banner and even the President and CEO of the Food Bank, Michael Flood, was in attendance. Danilo saved the banner and took it home. “I feel so supported here,” Danilo smiles. “This place is truly like a family. I feel appreciated. I feel there is unity here.”

Danilo is among the best example of dedication to our mission to fight hunger and give hope.

Thank you, Danilo!



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