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A Panel Discussion: The Intersection of Hunger and Food Waste

Thanks to everyone who attended this event!

LA Times Food Bowl Event


The problems of food waste and food insecurity co-exist in Los Angeles and throughout the U.S.  While there are many nonprofit initiatives that acquire food that is being discarded for distribution to people facing hunger, there remains a huge opportunity to increase these efforts.

On May 13, 2017, a panel of experts came together at the Food Bank to discuss the state of food waste, food insecurity and innovative approaches to utilize surplus food to reduce hunger.

The discussion was moderated by Los Angeles Times Test Kitchen Director Noelle Carter.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this important discussion. While the core work of the Food Bank is to fight hunger for families and individuals in need, we know that the future of our community depends on the health of our environment. That’s why we are excited to be part of the conversation around reducing the amount of food waste that is going into our municipal landfills.

We are also grateful for the panelists who gave of their time and wisdom for this event. The more understanding and collaboration we can build around the issues of hunger and food waste-and the connection between the two-the better we’ll be at finding creative, sustainable solutions.

For a special briefing about food insecurity and food waste in the united states, created by food bank president & ceo michael flood, click here.


Meet the Panelists


Dr. Barbara Ferrer, LA County Department of Public Health


Chef Vartan Abgaryan


Dr. George Bell, Lutheran Social Services of Southern California


Michael Flood, Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

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