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Shelf Life Guide

Shelf Life Guide

Download the Food Bank's Free Shelf Life Guide
and Prevent Food Waste

Food insecurity in our community is not caused by food scarcity. While an estimated 2 million of our neighbors struggle with food insecurity, 30-40% of the food supply goes to waste. By following the information in this Shelf Life Guide, you can reduce food waste in your life which will help keep perfectly good food out of landfills.

The average American household throws away $2,200 worth of food each year. Stop throwing that money away and help us prevent food waste by using the Food Bank’s Shelf Life Guide.

This guide answers your shelf life and food safety questions, including:
  • What is the difference between expiration dates, sell by dates, pack dates, and use by dates?
  • In which part of my fridge should I store meat?
  • What temperatures are too hot or cold for canned food storage?
  • How long do various types of groceries typically last?

Disclaimer: This Shelf Life Guide information is reliable, however, please remember that individual foods will vary and that this advice should only be taken as a guideline and not a replacement for your health care professional. Information courtesy of Foodsafety.gov | FoodKeeper App

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