Distributing Food

We distribute nutritious food to our network of 600 partner agencies and meal programs, with locations near you.

Rapid Food DistributionDistFood1

Rapid Food Distribution allows the Food Bank to distribute highly nutritious, fruits, vegetables and other perishable foods out to our more than 600 agencies at more than 765 sites throughout Los Angeles County. The Food Bank’s refrigerated truck is used to transport fresh, perishable foods to agencies that have very limited refrigeration so that it stays fresh for you and your family.

The Food Bank distributes more than 1 million pounds of food each week.  In 2018, we distributed more than 8.5 million pounds of produce.


Mobile Food Pantryimg_0176

Launched in 2012, the Mobile Food Pantry has become an important resource for the community. The Mobile Food Pantry serves low-income families in underserved areas throughout Los Angeles County.

Food on the refrigerated truck is a combination of produce and perishable goods sourced from the USDA and food donors.

In 2018, our Mobile Food Pantry held 176 distributions at 12 sites, providing food for an average of 7,803 unduplicated clients monthly. This program delivered a total of 1,891,579 pounds of food, including 455,657 pounds of fresh produce.



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