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Chef Bio: Nyesha Arrington

Nyesha Arrington

Chef Nyesha J Arrington has absolutely adored the kitchen since she was just a little girl. Arrington, born in Southern California to a multi-cultural family was introduced to diverse foods such as bulgogi, octopus and homemade kimchi. During the early stages of her palate development, exposure to these culinary experiences has shaped Arrington’s ideas in cooking ever since. Always inspired to integrate flavors and techniques from around the world thus creating a personal style that is unparalleled.

A graduate of the prestigious Culinary School at the Art Institute of California- Los Angeles in 2001, Chef Nyesha progressed on to further her education in the field by bringing on a mentor. Josiah Citrin, Chef/Owner of the acclaimed 2 Star Michelin- Melisse restaurant in Santa Monica, CA. Chef Citrin appointed her as first as a saucier at Melisse then she went on to open two of Citrin’s other restaurants.

Her resume also includes honing her skills with legendary French chef Joël Robuchon at his Michelin and Mobil award-winning Las Vegas restaurants, L’Atelier and The Mansion. Arrington, is an ardent believer in using farm-fresh, locally sourced ingredients and not afraid to bring in products from around the world as it is the best way to draw global inspiration when creating her works of art.

Nyesha comes from an artistic family; John Edward Arrington- Bass and Janet Lee Arrington- drums, while her mother, Sophia Yvonne Arrington, a seamstress.

Before pursuing a culinary career, with an eye for detail, Nyesha aspired toward anything relating to art taking on sculpting, watercolor, pointillism, and photography classes.

​Her creative upbringing is reflected in Nyesha’s approach to cooking, which she very much considers an art. “Every plate is like a canvas,” says Nyesha. “Chefs must be able to control brain function like no other, including everything from organizing from their prep to assessing the menu and knowing their audience. I love the process.”

When she’s not creating culinary masterpieces, Nyesha delights in spending time outdoors and is an avid snowboarder, loves hanging on the beach and continues to love art. However, her greatest passion will always be cooking.

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