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Chef Bio: Ei Hiroyoshi

For more than two decades, Hamasaku has been a fixture in Los Angeles sushi culture. Famously tucked away in a strip mall in West LA, the restaurant has amassed a storied list of fans throughout the years, as evidenced by a once double-sided menu of rolls and specials named after its entertainment industry regulars.

The sushi bar is now helmed by executive chef Ei Hiroyoshi, formerly of Sasabune in Beverly Hills, where he trained under the founder, sushi chef Nobi Kusuhara. He was only 19 when he moved to Los Angeles from Japan and is passionate about sharing his point of view through the sushi that he creates – exploring what it means to make and serve sushi in LA.

Hiroyoshi embraces flavor profiles that were made popular in the United States rather than shun, such as his new roll called “Avenue of the Stars”, which includes lobster, bluefin tuna, toro, caviar, mackerel, yellowtail, salmon, mango and gold leaf; but also including more traditional sushi like red snapper nigiri with its skin on and pen shell scallop sashimi from southern Japan.

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