Our Supporters Provide Hope for People like Ana

Our Supporters Provide Hope for People like Ana

Ana receives food assistance from the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank for herself, her daughter and her three grandchildren. She accesses food at Friends In Deed, one of our 665 partner agencies.

Ana is employed as a caregiver for adults who are developmentally disabled. Her income and the income of her daughter is not enough to pay all of their bills, so Ana visits the pantry to receive nutritious groceries like meat, rice, beans and fresh produce. The money she saves on groceries helps her pay rent, utilities and other bills. “I am very grateful.”

Ana says the community would really struggle without food supplied by the Food Bank. “We’d still find food, but not healthy food. Strawberries are expensive, vegetables are expensive and meat is through the roof. We’d have to limit our intake,” she explains. “And the kids are growing every day, so they eat more and more.”

Your support enables us provide hope for families and individuals like Ana. Thank you for helping us feed L.A.

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