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CouponCause – Matching Campaign

Have your monthly gift matched by CouponCause (first $30,000).

Your first monthly gift counts TWICE as much during the CouponCause Matching Campaign.

While life may seem to be getting back to normal, there are still millions of people in Los Angeles County that depend on the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and our partners for food assistance.

In fact, people struggle with hunger all year long, not just over the holidays. That’s why we are proud to be partnering with CouponCause, a Prodege company, which will MATCH monthly gifts for an entire year up to $40,000.

Just $23 per month can provide a year’s worth of food to someone in need.


GOAL: $40,000

One in five people in LA County faces food insecurity.
You can help provide meals for those struggling with hunger in our community by making your generous gift today.

EVERY $75 = 300 600 MEALS

CouponCause’s mission is to provide more than just the largest selection of daily, verified and updated online coupon codes from top retailers for our users. They give you the opportunity to also give back and pay the savings forward! A portion of all company revenue is donated to featured charities such as the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

provides 140 280 MEALS
provides 300 600 MEALS
provides 400 800 MEALS
provides 1000 2000 MEALS


provides meals for families and children struggling with hunger in the community.

Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

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