Michael Flood
(323) 234-3030
Development and Communications
Christina Quezada
Manager of Donor Campaigns
Amy Smith
Chief Development Officer
Ext. 147
Donielle Archer
Director of Foundation Relations
Sherry Wickware
Director of Annual Giving and Donor Relations
Ext. 140
Vacant Position
Marketing & Communications Director
Ext. 134
Mandi Kelperis
Director of Major Gifts
Ext. 146
Tiffany Harris
Development Administrator
Ext. 151
Susan Acker
Communications Associate
Ext. 196
Araceli Martinez
Development Coordinator Food Drives
Ext. 194
Cece Forrester
Assistant to the President/ CDO
Ext. 199
Amanda Hearle
Grants/Donor Research Assistant
Ext. 165
Tim Elliot
Development Associate
Ext. 197
Product Donations
Jeanna Kindle
Chief Product Acquisitions Officer
Ext 129
Connie Trimble
Product Donations Account Representative
Ext 161
Dorcas Caesar
Senior Product Donations Service Representative
Ext 154
Volunteer Management
Ana Martinez
Volunteer Director
Ext. 144
Jeff McIlvain
Volunteer Coordinator
Ext. 190
Eli Beltran
Volunteer Coordinator
Ext. 156
May Duong
Volunteer Coordinator
Ext. 185
Program & Agency Relations
Vacant Position
Chief Operations Officer
Ext 141
Elizabeth Cervantes
Agency Relations Director/ Product Donations Assistant Director
Ext. 132
LaRonda Simes
Agency Relations Supervisor
Ext. 135
Betty Jimenez
Agency Relations Coordinator
Ext. 133
Dilcia (Dee) Moran
Retail Store Service Coordinator
Ext. 158
Sonia Rodriguez
Agency Relations Coordinator
Ext. 121
CalFresh Outreach Supervisor
Ext. 172
Cinthia Onoa
CalFresh Outreach Coordinator
Ext. 169
Vacant Position
CalFresh Outreach Worker
Ext. 187
CSFP & Delivery Programs
Hilda Ayala
Delivery Programs Director
Ext. 168
Lila Ramirez
Delivery Programs Supervisor
Ext. 159
Maritza Hernandez
CSFP Supervisor
Ext. 170
Vacant Position
Senior Food Distribution Supervisor
Ext. 152
Nutrition Education
Vacant Position
Nutrition Director
Ext. 176
Yesenia Vasquez
Child & Nutrition Program Supervisor
Ext. 173
Amy Situ
Child & Nutrition Program Specialist
Ext. 167
Dora Chow
Child & Nutrition Program Specialist
Ext. 177
Inventory Control
Peter Felix
Director of Inventory Control
Ext. 145
Wesley Mayorga
Inventory Control Manager
Ext. 205
Paula Bass
Inventory Control Clerk
Ext. 124
Carmen Lopez
Inventory Control Clerk
Ext. 153
Cindy Martinez
Inventory Control Clerk
Ext. 124
Czarina Luna
Chief Financial Officer
Ext. 136
Accounting Manager
Ext. 138
Edelmira Salazar
Accounting Clerk
Ext. 137
Tien Le
Accounting Clerk
Ext. 166
Paxeli Moreira
Accounting Clerk
Ext. 195
Chris Hak
Financial Analyst
Ext. 198
Human Resources
Alicia Cardenas
Human Resources Director
Ext. 157
Adrian Romero
HR/Payroll Administrator
Ext. 186
Vanessa Valenzuela
HR/Administrative Clerk
Ext. 155
Information Technology
Weldon Wu
Chief Information Officer
Ext. 142
Edwin Puentes
Helpdesk Support
Ext. 162
Jose Luis Perez
Systems Administrator
Ext. 181
Henry Martinez
Director of Operations
Ext. 126
Susie Takayoshi
Warehouse/Logistics Manager
Freddy Torres
Warehouse/Logistics Manager
Ext. 126
Karina Jara
Production Supervisor
Ext. 201
Juan Toscano
Production Supervisor
Ext. 139